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RYRA Vertical Ergonomic Gaming Mouse Wireless Rechargeable Gamer Optical 2.4G Mouse Computer PC Laptop Desktop Office Home Mouse


This is a 2.4G rechargeable wireless vertical mouse, ergonomically designed to relieve and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Scrub feel, comfortable grip, 10 meters free control, built-in 600mAh lithium battery, suitable for office games.


1:Item type :2.4G RechargeableErgonomic Optical Mouse

2:Resolution : 800dpi ;1600dpi ;2400dpi.

3:Button : 6 buttons

4:Maximum operating range: 10m

5:Charging cable length: 70CM

6:Material : ABS

7:Button life : 5 million times

8:Battery capacity: Rechargeable 600mAh lithium battery

9:Voltage/Current: 3.7V/10mA

10:Item size :1 0.5*7.7*6.2cm

11:Item weight: 93g (Including USB receiver weight)

12:Package size :12.2*8.5*8.6cm

13:Package weight :151g( Including the weight of the packaging box )


1:2.4GHz Wireless Connectivity (USB receiver)

2: Built-in rechargeable 600mAh lithium battery

3:Ergonomic designed to remit and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

4:Optical laser technology for precise control

5:Easy to use, comfortable to hold, prevent mouse hand.

6:L/R mouse buttons, 2 thumb buttons, and a clickable scroll wheel , 1 dpi buttons(dpi /dpi -).

Package Included:

1 x 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse

1 x USB Receiver

1 x 70CM charging cable

1 x English User Manual


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